I thought you'd already taken care of that.

Who do you think told Prakash?


He cried out and ran away.


I'll always remember the first time I saw you.

Lynne said something to Joyce in French.

I thought Andre would find that interesting.

I can't sleep with the lights on.

He believed that blacks could win their fight for equal rights without violence.

I don't plan to be here that long.

If I were reborn, I would want to learn the violin.

Fred is going to have another baby.

You will never manage to find Kerry.

Only God is omnipotent.

Mom wants to go there, but Dad wants to watch TV at home.


In the future, nobody will drive cars.

His suggestions are completely useless.


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That's the way.

Be sure to mail this letter.

Wake up, sleepyhead! You've been asleep for twelve hours!

He did the unthinkable.

The cliff collapsed, the rocks split, and the empty sky filled with a noisy clamor.

Loren has had several large glasses of wine and has gotten a little drunk.

It was worth it in the end.


Although he did well in the exam, his spoken Chinese is not necessarily as good as yours.

Since his childhood he wanted to become a pilot, and he did.

He scarcely ever watches TV.

My father became senior foreman at the plant.

It was a rush job.

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I love love.

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I studied French when I was seven, but now I only remember a few words.

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That building has no emergency exit.

Think is reading a novel by Sidney Sheldon now.

The policeman is driving the car.

We were delayed in Boston.

It was also a wet dream.

I tried to stay calm.

She might know the answer.

Sharon got rich quickly.

Dan opened up the sandwich and found no cheese in it.


You're adorable.

One must wait for the residuals to converge before being able to use the simulation's results.

You can't trust Josh.

Go and ask them.

Rodent lives with his parents.


Wendi got up and started to walk away.

Morris threw out the garbage.

That's terrible advice.

I was so cold.

Can I extend my stay one more night?

The soccer ball is round.

I'll look after him.

How do we find her?

We're home.

We became fast friends.

I think Major is a likable guy.

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We missed them.

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Give me your address.


I'm not real good with kids.

I'm the owner of this house.

I have no idea where he lives.


Seymour is unemployed.

Ranjit handed Laurence a blue folder.

He really wants to meet you.

We despise them.

Both guns were unloaded.


He has a grudge against you.

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I've known him for 13 years.


According to some scholars, a major earthquake could occur at any moment now.

He asked for my help.

Jeannette's proposal wasn't acceptable.

Pua sang.

Get back here and fight.

I like Stewart, but he's weird.

Every spirit makes its house, and we can give a shrewd guess from the house to the inhabitant.

I'm not your servant.

Suzan is crazy.

How do you destroy a building?

A list of required hardware is available here.

Loukas is coming with us.

We have an obligation to do it.

He tries hard.

I'm buying writing paper, stamps and some tissues.


She is a good friend of mine.

Jerry put the lid back on the peanut butter jar.

The world's evil almost always comes from ignorance.

Yes, you need to practice every day.

I've been in contact with her.

Have you ever eaten tempeh?

The two leading firms are actually in cahoots with each other.


Irvin really likes traveling.

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The party took place in a big room.


They'll never believe us.


You're an idiot!

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He was not at all surprised at her ability.


I don't think it's good.


Nguyen misses Boston.

Don't run so fast.

Kees works in a lumber yard.

Everybody called me Tony in those days.

What do you expect to find in Shamim's basement?

Can they come to the meeting tomorrow?

We've got one hour to find Ranjit.


Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

What does the sign say?

Thousands and thousands of soldiers lost their lives.


Why is Donna being so generous?

Can we go now?

Herman was stationed for a year in Germany.

Oh, you're a millionaire? That's nice. It must be nice not having as much money to burn a hole in your pocket. Sadly, I reached 10 billion dollars last month, and it's quite a burden. I have no idea what to do with so much money. I would love to be just a millionaire, but hey, such is life.

Computer games are a way for him to pass time.

He prays dictatorially.

You're completely healthy.

Let me stay here with you.

I know you can hear me.

This fish is unfit to eat.

It had been a long, hard day for Ernie, and he fell into bed exhausted.

Of course it's difficult to gain access to the Prime Minister.

I have absolutely no problem with that.

"Is that Louise calling again?" "Yes. He calls every evening these days. I shouldn't have given him my number."

These windows aren't clean.

I'll go with her.

I went shopping with a friend.


I played with Tony yesterday.

Toft's appetite was good.

The boy fell off the bicycle and fractured his skull.

You didn't give me the correct change.

I frequently talk to them.

Beauty isn't important.

Her husband plans to publish a new monthly magazine.

Let's hope we find Earle before the police do.

Tell me what you remember.


Time's on our side.


He'll be here any second.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

They are plowing the field of wheat.

Heinz has pitched his tent not too far from the river.


I can come back later.

Kuldip put Real on hold.

Many Finns are interested in culture.

Perhaps it's too late.

Such a problem is hard to deal with.

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Do you have a tie I can borrow?

He's standing behind the wall.

They wanted a wedding picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Phil poured the tomato soup in his mug and drank it.

I was just sending you an e-mail!

It's a job that would help me pay for my studies.

He entertains some hope of accomplishing it.

The choice of example sentence wasn't wise.

My mother teaches flower arranging.

I just realized Jeanette is older than Tharen.

He is a very good doctor.

I don't want to go anywhere tonight.

Do you miss me?

I can't remember that guy's name.

That's where the trouble lies.

Why aren't you dead?

The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

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They walked miles and miles.

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Ten years have gone by since his death.

Pratapwant is watching TV.

He is, I believe, a man of his word.

Bart can't afford to take a vacation now.

Undertaking university studies will cost you ten thousand pounds at a minimum.